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Please note our practitioners are trained to find a client's rhythm and work with the rhythm you set.

Understand progress is based on the the rhythm set.


1401 South 8th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone: (719) 373-4641

Sarah Sampayo

Second Level Practitioner
Phone: (719) 373-4641

Shari Clark

First Level Practitioner

2860 South Circle
Colorado Springs, Co 80906
Phone: (719) 571-0543


Sheila Seppi

Advanced Practitioner

Medium to intense Level Touch


(719) 293-0137

100 W Beaver Creek BLVD #204

Avon, Co 81620


Kapaa, Hawaii

Mat license 147250

Kimberly Klein

Master Practitioner, Instructor/Research Partner

Phone: (808) 635-6688

Email: kimberlyklein21@gmail.com


Kapaa, Hawaii


MAT license # 14700

Emerson Tumbaga

U'i Ola Kēia

Website - UiOlaBody.Work


Intense Level Touch

Phone:  (808) 634-0495

Email: emerson.bodyevolve@gmail.com





Partners in Holistic, Healthy Healing

Sadhana Therapy works with the following partners to promote holistic and healthy living:

Dr. Lewis E. Graham

Dr. Lewis E. Graham

Scientist, shaman and author of the acclaimed three-volume series, “Gnosis for 2012 Onward,” that which presents an optimistic story of our human past and future potential as well as a compelling view of what ancient people, including the Maya, really knew about the ongoing decades after December 2012.

Volume 3′s meditation is a valuable adjunct to all methods of physical, emotional and spiritual healing — including Sadhana Therapy.


Escondido Kung Fu & Tai Chi

This martial arts school is owned by Kimberly’s mentor John Vihilidal.

Waipouli Beach Resort & Spa By The Seas

Experience the aloha spirit at this seaside resort and Spa by the Sea.

Hula & Dance

Learn the joys and peace of Hawaiian hula and other dances.

Beautiful Hawaii

Discover the beauty that is Hawaii.

SDH Health Machine™
A Healing Tool for Sadhana Therapy Patients

SDH Health Machine (Sustaining Developing Health) focuses on a free-movement and offers a number of features, accessories and voice automation designed to meet the unique physical needs and therapies of each patient.

SDH Health Machine – patent pending.


Inventor and designer Kimberly Klein and engineer Mario Salazar designed and constructed the SDH Health Machine to help people in pain, with injuries and other problematic structural issues.


SDH Health Machine inventor Kimberly Klein and engineer Mario Salazar.


Sadhana Therapy is Supporting the

Wounded Warriors Project™

SDH Machine™ engineer Mario Salazar met with actor and wounded veteran advocate Gary Sinise of the Gary Sinise Foundation to discuss how the healing techniques of Sadhana Therapy can help the Wounded Warriors Project.  Returning veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), combat traumatic brain injuries caused by explosions from roadside bombs and RPGs, and recovering from maiming combat injuries are in need of healing.

SDH machine engineer Mario Salazar (left) and actor-wounded veteran advocate Gary Sinise.

SDH machine engineer Mario Salazar (left) and actor-wounded veteran advocate Gary Sinise.

Wounded Warriors Program Research

In Kauai, Hawaii, Sadhana Therapy is focused on organizing a research clinic for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and CTBI (combat traumatic brain injury).

We are selecting the right practitioners to support our ultimate vision for a 6-week experience of restoring, educating and healing processes so that those with these issues can begin their lives anew.

A documentary currently in development will examine and demonstrate how the Sadhana Therapy practices can promote healing.

In Colorado Springs, CO, Sadhana Therapy is offering an opportunity to give back to wounded soldiers with our sponsor-a-soldier program. We are working on a 6-week protocol for a soldier to obtain regular Sadhana Therapy sessions to assist them with the injuries.

The results of this research project will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project for use in their healing treatments and support programs.

Research Team

Sadhana Therapy’s Wounded Warriors Research Project team members Kim Klein, Master Practitioner; Lew Graham, Science and Research Advisor; and Sarah Sampayo, Clinic Manager, Colorado Springs, CO

If you know of a veteran who could benefit from our care or if you are a healthcare provider interested in assisting in this program, then contact us by calling Kimberly Klein at 808-635-6688, Sarah Sampayo at 719-332-7188