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Cold Laser PL

Every living cell in a human body that makes up muscles, organs, bone, nerve cell and other tissues, functions at a specific frequency, or environment that it knows as its “normal”. Cells may change its frequency when exposed to emotional and physical stresses, chemical toxins, surgeries and even injuries. During this process cells stop send messages to neighboring cells and communication between brain and cells being interrupted.

Erchonia is the only cold laser,  that will help to activate the communication between the brain and the damaged cells. Thus, flawless performance can be achieved.

Kauai Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Benefits

1. Pain relief– documented that pain is decreased up to 59%
2. Increases Range of Motion– extremely important to prevent progressive, degenerative joint and disc disease
3. Strengthens immune system by increasing lymphocyte activity
4. Speeds up healing and recovery time by 30-50%
5. Regenerates damaged nerve tissue
6. Releases Myofascial restriction
7. Restores Muscle strength
8. Increases ATP production
9. Decreases Edema & Inflammation

The Erchonia laser emits a visible coherent light that stimulates the body’s ability to produce ATP, which allows a natural healing of the body in decreased time. Through this process pain and inflammation decrease, the natural range of motion of the joints return and optimal function of cellular physiology occurs on a more permanent basis.

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