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Body Evolve offers an evolutionary technique called SPMI Therapy (Structural Physiology Movement Integration Therapy). What makes our technique unique? It’s the only technique in the world that works on improving organ function by breaking up scar tissue, flushing toxins and bacteria, and repositioning the organ. We consider how the organ filtration system shapes our body, how nerves are impacted by structure affecting organ function and how it contributes to chronic structural issues. SPMI is described as a structural integration technique that originated in China.  Body Evolve looks at the body as a whole and focuses on the interconnections of the body-aligning, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the bones by gently adjusting their position while the lymphatic system drains and neurological re-education occurs.  
Body Evolve

Medical Massage

What makes our technique unique is it’s the only one in the world the works on improving organ function through breaking up scar tissue and flushing toxins and bacteria while repositioning the organ to improve its function. We look at how the organ filtration system shapes our body contributing to chronic structural issues. I’ve worked with movie stars such as Pierce Brosnan and Christine and Ben Stiller. Worked on Olympic athletes such as Malia Manuel, Darcy Sharpe and pro surfer Mariko Lum.
My lifetime study is to understand our individual birth equation and understand how that equation is impacted by environment, activities, occupation, injuries and consumption choices creates our individual aging process. My goal is for 50 year old clientele to feel better then they did when they were 30 years old. Ultimately improving the quality of living.

Manipulative approaches to naturally treating pain and other health problems have been utilized for over 3,000 years, dating back to Ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. Pressure massages were used to improve “Qi” (life force or energy), detox the body and promote better liver function — which today can be explained through the process of activating the lymphatic system.

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