An Effective Approach to Bodily Healing

Body Evolve is described as a structural integration technique that originated in China. Body Evolve looks at the body as a whole and focuses on the interconnections of the body-aligning, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the bones by gently adjusting their position while the lymphatic system drains and neurological re-education occurs.
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Kauai Massage Therapy

At Body Evolve we have developed our own series of modalities in massage to realign your body using your muscles, ligaments, tissues and organs. We also offer traditional massage, lomi lomi, hot stone and reflexology.
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Zerona Fat Emulsion

We offer 8 sessions of 40 minute of Zerona Laser and 10 minutes of Lymphactic Stimulation. Non Invasive Laser Fat Removal. The ZERONA liquefies fat cell.
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Body Evolve

A Structural Physiology Movement Integration Technique


Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves

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Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves

Structural physiology movement integration Therapy. Break up scar tissue, calcification and flush toxins that affect organ function and structural issues.

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You Really Decide to Improve Yourself

We are located south of Tip Top almost right across from Hairmates. Please parked in marked parking area’s around the building.

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Things Usually Turn Out Better Than You Think

We look at how the organ filtration system shapes our body contributing to chronic structural issues. I’ve worked with movie stars such as Pierce Brosnan and Christine and Ben Stiller. Worked on Olympic athletes such as Malia Manuel, Darcy Sharpe and pro surfer Mariko Lum.

SPMI Massage Therapy

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